A Visit from Morningstar

In Non classifié(e) by Andrea Riker

Last month we received a visit from Lee Gordon and Russell Borum from Morningstar. It was our first time to welcome Lee to our offices and was good to visit with him – he has been a mentor and partner since we started 13 years ago. The main topic of conversation was Morningstar’s new inverter, which is expected in December. We can’t disclose too much at this time; However, it is a 5kW transformer-less design with lots of grid interaction capabilities and integration with the Morningstar family of charge controllers. No cooling fan and 600V rated components mean it should be very reliable. The current model has 16 different modes of managing grid, battery, and generator.

We also had a look at the new PS-MPPT-25 and PS-MPPT-40 charge controllers, which also have load control and lighting control. They are available in 12v or 24v and accept up to 120Voc from the array. Maximum array size at 24v would be 1,100 watts, although like any MPPT, you can surpass that size without damaging the controller. These look to be a good choice for any system of 1kW or smaller that need load control and would benefit from MPPT charging.

There was also some talk of the high voltage MPPT – the TS-MPPT-60-600 which can accept up to 600Voc strings. This saves the expense and work of combiner boxes, as the number of array strings would equal the number of controllers (maximum of 11 x 300w modules in series per controller, for example). The controller itself is more expensive than the conventional TS-MPPT-60, but depending on your cost of combiner boxes and installation, it may save you money and time.