Africa on the Rebound

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Maybe our lapse in blog entries shows that the market has definitely rebounded in Africa.  Solar module prices are lower than ever and that is helping on the demand side.  I think our industry assumes that no module manufacturer ever made any profit until about 2002.  And they are all probably back to losses this year.  Most manufacturers seem to be selling at or below the cost of production.  This obviously won’t continue forever.  I believe there will be a great reduction in the number of module manufacturers over the next two years.  They will either close or be taken over by rivals.  So as we enjoy the low priced modules, we need to realize that many of them may not have any warranty backing in a few years.  We are still placing our bets on long-time partners like Sharp, who has been in solar for decades and Suntech, a true pure play solar manufacturer.  Interesting times!