Solar Power 2009

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Anti-gravity and perpetual motion machines are on my mind this week.  I toured the Solar Power 2009 show in Anaheim last week and met with lots of friends and manufacturers.  A year ago at that show, no one felt that the financial meltdown going on in the rest of the economy would have an impact on the solar industry – nor that the solar industry itself was highly overheated.  There was a lot more realism on the exhibit floor this year.  Prices are lower, growth expectations are re-aligned and the old off-grid applications look more attractive.  I also noticed a few “too good to be true” products and prices from last year were, in fact, too good to be true (cheap inverters and “solar” air conditioners come to mind).  They’re gone.  It seems that gravity still works and what goes up, must still come down.  So just keep doing a good job and deliver real value to your customers and don’t get distracted by the noise….