In Solar Batteries by African Energy

I often wonder if we are successful because of what we do, or in spite of what we do.  So, it is in that spirit that I like to be proven wrong.  Over ten years ago when David Bergeron was starting Sundanzer and talking about making a battery-free solar refrigerator, we all laughed and said this guy doesn’t understand our industry.  Maybe he didn’t understand it then, but he now has us happily using the Sundanzer battery-less refrigerators AND has the world’s first battery-less vaccine refrigerator.

The concept is simple – when the sun shines, the compressor and fans run, which cools the cabinet and thermal packs.  The genius is in regulating the whole system so that it does not over cool and so that it can stay cold for up to four days without any power.  A battery-less refrigerator might not find many customers where inverter and off-grid systems are common, but there are some interesting niches for the product.  Imagine all of the bottle stores, shebeenis and taverns across Africa that would benefit from a refrigerator than ran during the day and had their drinks cold by sundown.  Or storage of farm produce or cheeses in rural areas, waiting for market day.  Perhaps the best application is in vaccine refrigeration, where the batteries always constituted the weak link.  We had the privilege of shipping the first fifty commercial units of the Sundanzer battery-less vaccine refrigerator to Nigeria.  We hope to send you all many more!