Big Water

In Solar Water Pumps by African Energy

We are crawling our way through a very dry summer here in the United States.  The drought is severe enough to drive up food prices as crops fail and we hear that well drillers in some states are booked months in advance.  Lots of people are thinking about irrigation and large amounts of water.


We have big water on our mind too – using the new SunPumps drives that allow us to run up to 75 HP pump motor directly from a solar array.  This is a big breakthrough for the industry.  We are now able to use all of these low-priced solar modules to actually pump enough water for irrigation or for significant municipal systems. The SunPumps drive consists of an existing motor drive controlled by SunPump’s software and sensor system to start the motor and keep it running at maximum available power throughout the solar day.  We are using about 1.2 kW per rated horsepower of the pump motor.  The drive can be fitted to existing three phase motors without pulling the pump from the well, or we can provide a complete system with motor, drive and solar array.  We have two pumps in the field in two sites in East Africa, where their flow rates are exceeding the customer’s expectations.  This is a really exciting development – the cost of pumping big water has become very reasonable….