Deka Trains Us on High Capacity Batteries

In Non classifié(e) by Andrea Riker

We were happy to welcome Bruce Habeck from Deka Battery to our offices a few weeks ago. He is the most frequent flyer with us to Africa and has basically become part of the African Energy family. His purpose this time was to teach us more about the high capacity batteries that Deka makes – in gel, AGM and flooded technologies.

We learned about the details of sizing the Unigy II battery system, which is shipped with the mounting structure, interconnects, and safety covers. The Unigy battery sits in a tall steel structure, which means you can pack a lot of amp hours into a small footprint. The batteries include a lot of features that we expect from Deka – a special catalyst to improve heat tolerance; 99.9% virgin lead; fire retardant cases; a 10 year warranty, etc. Their aesthetic racking and compact size make this battery a good choice for residences or offices; they also enjoy a large market share for telecom applications.

In addition to the Unigy batteries, Deka manufactures a series of large 2v cells – both gel and flooded. Both are available in single steel cans or in trays of three or six cells. All of these batteries are manufactured in the USA and the cycle life and price rankings are shown below:

  • Deka 2v Gel – 1950 cycles at 50% depth of discharge – Most expensive per cycle
  • Unigy (Deka) 2v AGM – 1850 cycles at 50% depth of discharge – Least expensive sealed option per cycle
  • Deka 2v Flooded – 3300 cycles at 50% depth of discharge – Least expensive battery per cycle

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