Sundanzer Founder and Owner David Bergeron

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Sundanzer founder and owner David Bergeron stopped by the house for dinner last night.  A really great person and it is always educational to talk with him.  We discussed the new assembly site in El Paso where the Sundanzer refrigerators are now assembled and quality tested – this has resulted in better control of shipping and lower prices.  Their new 50 Litre Unit is cute (we have one at the office), but the price and power requirements are not proportional to its size.  The latest product is an upright “cabinet” type refrigerator and freezer.  There is lots of excitement about that, as the cabinet type is preferred for most domestic applications.  Even though less efficient than a chest type, you can see what’s in there!  Sundanzer is making all the right moves – I see our volumes increasing a lot in the coming year….