Midnite Battery Capacity Meter (MNBCM)

In Solar Batteries by African Energy

I smiled when I saw the advertisement in Home Power this month (HP140) for the Midnite Battery Capacity Meter.  The ad mentions that the meter was designed for African Energy.  It was, but kudos to Robin Gudgel for the good design ideas and willingness to build this.  We think everyone with an inverter or solar system should have one.  It is a simple voltage sensing meter which shows approximate battery state of charge in increments of ten percent based on battery voltage.  The really useful part though, is the “deficit-cycling alarm”.  There are three colored LEDs that indicate when the battery has not been held at 14.2 volts for at least two hours  – in the last one week and in the last two weeks.  In other words, if the battery has not been fully charged recently, the lights will show it.  I wish everyone with those small, “inexpensive” inverter/chargers would buy one and realize that their tiny chargers are not getting their batteries full – eventually destroying capacity and killing their batteries.