Morningstar Changes the Game

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Morningstar Changes the Game

A good listener is hard to find. Sometimes the person you are talking to has already stopped listening and is busy preparing their response in their head, regardless of what you are saying now. But when we talk to Morningstar, we know they are listening. They ask a lot of questions and focus on details. Now, the proof of that careful listening is the biggest change in Morningstar’s offering since the MPPT controller was developed. 

Morningstar is launching two new controllers that will cover virtually all of our requirements below 40 amps…and at a price that ends the conversation about other options. In fact, the pricing on these is so good that it is only for our markets-you won’t find them for sale in North America. But you will find them in stock in all of our African Energy Depots and of course at our central warehouse in Houston.

The Eco-Pulse is a PWM controller that works a lot like the PS series, but in 10, 20, and 30 amps and at a much lower price. It is available with or without a meter and is 12 or 24 volts in the same unit (auto detect). Seven different battery profiles can be set by DIP switch, or custom settings can be configured. The load capacity is the same as the charge capacity and dusk to dawn lighting control is included as well as adjustable LVD. In addition to the on-board temperature sensor, there is an optional remote temperature sensor. The electrical protections you expect from Morningstar like transient surge, reverse polarity and conformal coating are all standard. This is a very versatile and solid PWM controller that gives you the Morningstar quality and features at the unbeatable price.

If you prefer maximum power point tracking (MPPT), the the second controller in this series is for you. The EcoBoost MPPT is available in 20, 30, and 40 amp versions, with meters, with load control, with lighting and with two USB ports! The EcoBoost charges a 12 or 24 volt battery bank from a VOC as high as 120 volts, with Morningstar’s proprietary TrakStar MPPT technology at 98% efficiency. You can charge two mobile devices on the USBs, control street lights, and adjust the LVD on loads up to the size of the controller itself. Except for some of the advanced communication features, this seems to be the core of a TS-MPPT-45 at a much lower price with load control. This controller has everything we need for systems less than 1kW. The prices are so good that you can easily justify the benefits and boost of a MPPT controller. And avoid the brain damage of sizing PWM controllers!

How much better is the EcoBoost MPPT pricing? We can’t publish the price here, but it is about 58% of the cost of the equivalent TS controller. So if Morningstar pricing was keeping you away, these series are your invitation to come back. Two controllers that can do virtually any job 40 amps or less…with Morningstar W