Deka Gel Deep Cycle VRLA Solar Batteries – These are the best sealed batteries we have found in the world. African Energy has been selling them in Africa for fifteen years with really fantastic results. They are made in the USA by East Penn Battery, the largest independent battery manufacturer in the country. The two largest sizes (4D and 8D) are made from 100% virgin lead and have extra thick plates. These batteries are rated for 1,000 cycles at 50% depth of discharge according to the BCI test.  The BCI test is 100% DOD at c/2 rate until failure.  Our experience indicates that a battery will do about twice as well on an IEC test as on the BCI test, so if you are comparing batteries, please be sure to know which test is being used.  We expect these batteries to provide about 2,000 cycles at 50% DOD on the IEC test.  Their capacity rates are also based on average and not peak performance, so you get what you pay for. Ask for a factory tour to see one of the world’s cleanest battery plants! See a list of reasons why you should buy Deka here.

Deka’s Recycling Program as shown on the Discovery Channel can be seen here


African Energy 8A-8G IO Data Sheet

DEKA Battery Care Sheet

Deka Gel Battery Data Sheet

Deka Gel Warranty

Deka RE Charging Parameters

Deka RE Manual

Deka VRLA Manual