Surrette/Rolls Flooded Deep Cycle Solar Batteries – For three generations, the Surrette family has been making great flooded batteries which we have been distributing in Africa for thirteen years. These are true deep cycle batteries made in Canada, originally for the demands of the railroad and marine industry. Surrette has gradually shifted their solar batteries to the “Rolls” name, but many people still refer to them as Surrette batteries. They range in size from 100ah up to 3,000ah and are available flooded and AGM. These are serious batteries!


Surrette/Rolls Battery Manual

Surrette/Rolls Renewable Brochure

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Surrette/Rolls S-480 Data Sheet

Surrette/Rolls S-550 Data Sheet

Surrette/Rolls 6CS21PS Data Sheet

Surrette/Rolls S-1660

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Surrette/Rolls S-1450

Surrette/Rolls Interpret Gravity and Voltage Readings