Schneider Electric XW+ Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers (4kw – 102kw) The XW Plus is the successor to the popular XW and SW series, but with much greater capability.  This inverter is perfect for mini-grids or AC coupling.  XW Plus can be stacked up to 4 units in parallel and 12 total units in three phase. It can also be networked together or with the XW solar controller or generator start module, or to a gateway to the internet with IP compatibility. The XW + units have the same internal chassis and outer box size as the XW units, but with new firmware that allows them to run higher capacities and provide a number of grid off-set options. The XW+ can act as a traditional backup inverter/charger, a stand-alone solar inverter, or a grid-tied inverter with battery backup. The off-set feature allows injection into the grid to reduce consumption without pushing power past the meter into the grid or cycling the batteries. In terms of power and features, this is the premium inverter/charger we offer, with the most user-friendly networking and remote communication. Schneider Electric manufactures these units in China with design and engineering support in Canada and France.


XW+ 120/240v Data Sheet

XW+ 230v Data Sheet

XW+ Owners Guide

Firmware Update Instructions

XW+ and WECO Lithium Battery Installation

XW+ and WECO Default Settings


Automatic Generator Start 

Battery Fuse Combiner Box

Battery Monitor


Configuration Tool

System Control Panel



Combox Android Tablet App


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AC Coupling Scenarios