Imeon is a French company that makes an all-in-one grid-tie inverter with battery backup. Their 3kW unit can sell directly into the grid like a traditional grid-tie inverter, but can also charge batteries from PV, generator, or the grid. When grid power fails, the inverter acts like a traditional inverter/charger providing backup power. The user interface is built into the inverter and simple to use. Installation is simple because the solar modules can be connected in series up to 510 vOC and then connected directly to the inverter. Imeon is very flexible with software changes and updates as needed. The inverter is a high frequency type and only available in 48vdc battery. The AC battery charger is 20 amps. The inverter is rated at 3kW but can also pass through an additional 3kW from an AC source. Imeon also sells a 9kW inverter.

Imeon is headquartered in Britanny, with production in China.

For more information on Imeon you can visit their website or watch their YouTube video.

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3.6/9.12 Datasheet

Brochure IMEON – EN

Brochure IMEON – FR