Magnum PT-100 Charge Controller – an excellent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracker) controller designed to efficiently harvest the maximum available energy from your array. The PT-100 is one of our more popular controllers, as it allows for 200v open circuit and can convert 100A of power.  This allows 4 x 72 cell (nominal 24v) modules in series.  In some cases, you could even do 5 in series because the controller’s “HyperVOC” allows for an open circuit voltage up to 250v without damage.  The controller will not operate above 200v, but it will not be damaged.  This could be useful in a hot climate that has just a few cool mornings each year.  As the modules warmed up and dropped into range, the controller would start operating.  The advantages of this higher array voltage is more modules in series, reducing combiner boxes and parallel strings.  And use the ME-ARC advanced remote with your Magnum inverter to prioritize power from your solar array and save power from the electricity grid. The PT-100 also comes equipped with a built-in screen, making it easy to program and monitor.  Best value in price per amp.

PT-100 Charge Controller Datasheet

Magnum Settings using WECO Lithium Batteries