Morningstar TS-MPPT Controllers – These controllers are an improvement on the popular TS line to add maximum power point tracking (MPPT) capability in 45 amp and 60 amp. Morningstar released this series in 2009 and it is our favorite MPPT now.

Features include:

  • Accepts up 150v open circuit input and handles battery voltages from 12v to 48v.
  • Offers an Ethernet connection for remote monitoring.
  • 200 days of data logging are available through the TriStar meter.
  • 99% peak efficiency with a super-fast sweep.

Use the specification sheet below to choose the right controller for your battery bank. Charge control only – no load control.


TS-MPPT Data Sheet 2014

TS-MPPT™ 600V Charge Controller Data Sheet

Training Presentation for the TS-MPPT (7MB)

TS-MPPT Installation Manual


Remote Meter (RM-1)

Relay Driver (RD-1)