SunDanzer Chest Type Freezer or Refrigerator – SunDanzer has focused exclusively on the solar refrigeration business for many years and we love their products. The chest type 50 litre, 165 litre and 225 litre units are the best sellers, and the most efficient. We include free thermostats with the units so that you can switch them from freezer to refrigerator in the field. The units self-select between 12v and 24v and provide years of trouble-free service. We use a 165 litre fridge at our office in Arizona and run it easily with one 85w solar module.


SunDanzer Products Data Sheet

SunDanzer Chest Type Sizing Chart

SunDanzer Chest Type Manual

SunDanzer Chest Type Troubleshooting Guide

SunDanzer Thermostat Changing Guide for Chest Type

SunDanzer 390L DC Freezer Data Sheet