SQ Flex Pump – The Grundfos SQFlex is a fantastic pump with an integrated electrical drive that allows the use of AC or DC power from 30 volts to 300 volts. This is a positive displacement pump that works on the principle of Archimedes screw and can pump water at very low light levels. The same 1hp motor and drive are used in all SQFlex models with different pump ends to match the head and flow requirements. This is by far our fastest selling pump.


Grundfos SQFLex Data Sheet

Grundfos SQFlex Performance Curves

SQF 1-8 Data Sheet

CRFlex Product Guide

CRFlex Brochure


Grundfos CIU 273 Antenna

Grundfos CIU 273 Remote Management

SQFlex Grundfos GO Remote