Learn More About Wind Turbines

SouthWest Wind Air X and Air Breeze – These are the favorite small battery-charging turbines from SouthWest Wind. Both the Air X and the Air Breeze look identical, but the Air Breeze is intended for use in gusty areas where the wind speed varies erratically. Rather than braking to a stop in high wind bursts, the Air Breeze regulates a consistently low speed. Consequently, the Air Breeze’s maximum power is lower, but the total delivered power over time might be more in most locations. These are both very simple to install, with built-in charge controllers and two simple leads to connect to the battery breaker.

Download Air Breeze Data Sheet

Download Air X Data Sheet

Download Air Breeze Manual

Download Air X Manual

SouthWest Wind Whisper Turbines – These are the largest battery charging turbines manufactured by SouthWest Wind. The Whisper 100 is best for high wind speed areas and the Whisper 200 has the lowest start-up speed (and is the best choice for almost all of Africa). The larger Whisper 500 is heavier and harder to install and is not available in marine version.

Download Whisper 100/200 Data Sheet

Download Whisper 500 Data Sheet

Download Whisper 500 Manual