Scammers Lead the Way

In Inverters, Solar Modules by African Energy

Every week we receive emails from scammers who offer credit cards or cheques in payment for solar equipment that will eventually find its way to Africa.  The signs are easy to spot – always some improbable address and name with grammar and expressions that don’t fit the assumed profile.  And they always ask for solar modules that are fast moving in Africa, like 80w and 120w, as well as for Grundfos pumps and Morningstar charge controllers.  Occasionally they will also ask for computer equipment or printers – anything that is fast-moving.  So we were very flattered this week to receive one requesting the Magnum MS4124E inverter/charger.  We’ve only been promoteng them for just over a year, but apparently they’ve developed a good reputation.  Certainly, it is the best-priced sine wave inverter/charger made in America.  Durable, easy to use and big – but non-stackable at this point.  Perfect for most domestic and office installations – and appreciated even by scammers!