Solar Refrigeration

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Just got a call today from a good partner in Conakry who asked if we could add more Sundanzer refrigerators and freezers to his container at the last minute – he had already sold his existing stock.  So I asked why that market was working well for him – were these going into remote sites or clinics?  No, these are installed in Conakry by homeowners who are connected to the grid, but power is so bad in Guinea that they want an independent solution for their refrigeration.  Why not connect an inverter backup, since he also sells so many inverters?  Because at least with a solar array on an independent battery bank they know that their food storage will be protected even if the backup system runs down.  Judging from the number of units of Sundanzer we are moving (almost double last year’s number), many of you are beginning to appreciate that advantage.  There is a market for solar refrigeration in every African country – the key is just to bring in containers so that your shipping cost is reasonable – and even better if you can include solar modules or batteries in the container.  The more we move, the better the price gets for all of us, so keep up the good work!