I have already installed four MS inverter/chargers in different locations in the country to power computers and servers and they are working trouble-free. All these units are working independently. The system giving the problem is where we have stacked two MS4348PE. It appears that the second (slave) inverter does not respond fast enough assist the master.

In by emily

On the MS4348PAE I would check the “Threshold Setting” in the ME-RTR. If you set the threshold lower or OFF the Slave will respond faster to help the Master run loads.

To Change the Threshold setting:

1.    Push the SETUP button
2.    #2 Inverter SETUP
3.    02E Parallel Threshold

The default setting is 60% which means that the Master must exceed 60% capacity or 2580 watts (4300 x .60 = 2580 watts) before the Slave turns ON. If you lower this setting to 30% then the Slave will turn on at 1290 watts (4300 x .30 = 1290 watts). If you set the Parallel Threshold to OFF then the Slave will always be ON, the settings are in 10% increments. This settings is the same for ALL Slave inverters so if there were 1-Master and 3-Slave inverters in a system ALL the Slave inverters would come on at the Parallel Threshold setting. After approximately 2 minutes any Slave would turn OFF if the combined load is less than the Master plus needed Slaves.